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  • Monday 10 October 2016
  • News has introduced an elegant new eligibility system in their Division races that responds automatically to a horse’s innate ability. The goal is to level the playing field so that all horses have a competitive edge within their respective race.

With 100,000 horses available from the Sales Ring, and all of them with their own unique abilities and preferences for different races, it was inevitable that some horses would get bottlenecked into race where the competition had an unfair advantage.

Stronger horses naturally progressed into the Championship Series while weaker horses would find a career in the Claimers, but there was still a void in the Division races for a more refined eligibility structure.

After winning a Maiden race, owners would consider placing their horses into either a Claiming, Division, or Championship races according to their abilities, but as the community grew, the Division races soon became over-subscribed with a diverse cross-section that created a new hierarchy of competitive horses within the Division races.

BMH Division Races are classified according to three competition levels:




Horse may be eligible for one or more of these competition levels but as their wins increase and they progress through the Division races their racing paths may divert into less competitive Claiming races or fuller WFA races. This decision is determined by the horse’s owner but the BMH eligibility system will ensure that all their horses enjoy competitive races that cater for their innate ability.

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