48th Virtual Owner Virtual Horse Racing Season

  • Wednesday 29 March 2017
  • News

Horse racing enthusiasts can saddle up and jump into horseracing with the simple click of a button through ATRVirtualOwner's virtual horseracing game!

If you have always wanted to try your hands at the reigns, but don’t have the time or space to experience what it feels like to own, train and race your own horses then ATRVirtualOwner.com offers a very realistic alternative. It’s called virtual horse racing where players can experience the thrill of training and racing their own virtual horses against other trainers around the world for some serious cash stakes. naturally, it’s all online!

Horses don’t come with an owner’s manual but ATRVirtualOwner will show you how to manage your stable from training through to racing your horses. it's a skill based game so practice makes perfect. The more you race, the better you get - and the better you get, the more money you can win.

To help new players get started, ATRVirtualOwner.com is offering new players free horses, free silks, and free races to help them learn how to race their horses before committing themselves too deeply in the game. ATRVirtualOwner.com has invested their time and money into developing one of the most sophisticated horse racing programs on the Internet. They even sponsor their races with real cash.

Too many freebies sounding too good? ATRVirtualOwner's biggest selling point is that its race program is authentic that it mimics a real-life horse race - complete with grading, handicapping, allowances, eligibility requirements, and a very comprehensive range of categories which includes maidens, divisions, claimers and even a Championship Series. Horses get penalized for winning races but they also get allowances for losing races. It is the fairest way to ensure that the stronger horses don’t dominate the weaker horses in their races -- and it adds an element of skill for the player because you have to ensure that your horses going into their races are carrying the lowest possible weight to win the highest stakes possible. There is literally a race for every horse and every trainer!

Today is the perfect day to click this link to access your free stable and begin your virtual horse racing journey today!



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