Using Our Archive Playlists

When you’re assessing a race you might not have time to click every horse’s form page and drill down into our video archive, so we have done the donkey work for you with our Archive Playlist functionality.

Choose a racecard

Choose a racecard

Clicking the Archive Playlist link on the top right of any UK and Irish racecard will launch a playlist of the most relevant replays we have for today’s race.

Launch the popup

This will launch a pop-up window which will play all the races in the playlist – please note users with Apple iPhones and iPads will need to tap the play symbol in the centre of each video in order to watch.


Stay in control

Users can toggle through each race using play bar controls, and even set the playlist to show full or finish clips.

Controls Race list

See who’s running

The gold box indicates the race currently playing. Horses that are running in today’s race are listed below.